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The Adventures of Dean and Radomira: A Secret Mark – Hardcover Book

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ISBN 978-1-950892-40-2

This story is based on a real adventure from the author’s childhood. The main characters, Radomira and Dean, represent the author and her younger brother. Together, they go on a secret adventure while visiting their grandparents’ house. Dean and Radomira only planned to let their imagination soar and have some fun in their grandparent’s hangar, but they left a few clues behind. Once the children were gone, the grandparents found evidence of Dean and Radomira’s hidden actions. As a result, these two adventure-loving siblings learned an important life lesson. Dean and Radomira realized that what they do affects others, and therefore, they should always spread love in everything they do. This story is evidence that when children combine determination with imagination, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, this story shows that a child’s determination to bring imagination to life can turn into exciting adventures and important opportunities for character building lessons.

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